TTeam’s Balance Rein

Note: While I discuss Linda Tellington-Jones TTeam and TTouch methods with horses, I am expressing only my opinion and experiences related to her public materials – such as her books, DVD’s, online YouTube videos, her public blog,  etc…  Although I have taken a TTeam training, I am not yet certified by Linda Tellington-Jones. 


Ahh – hot damn! this is why I put up with T-man – he gave me a great ride today! He’s always pulling this out of seemingly nowhere….

After reviewing some pics of him and I, I decided that I was holding him back way too much with the bridle. Tee can be really, really strong and heavy in front so the tendency for the rider is to hold back just as hard. This really isn’t working and not getting the results I want.

What I want is for him to load his HQ much more, lifting the front and bringing the back up. Yeah, sounds easy. It AIN’T…

Okay so take some steps back, re-evaluate, think this through like the GrownUp I pretend to be… go and try the Linda Tellington-Jones Balance Rein. That’s what you see on his neck there – a black cord like necklace that I can pull back on to get him to slow and to rebalance himself w/o the use of the reins.

Back to Hot Damn… things went well today and I needed that as it was the first time to ride after the accident last Friday with Beautiful Boy (knucklehead). Yeah it took a major pull to get him to listen to the Balance Rein – but at least it wasn’t in his mouth. For whatever reason, Ray – Karma, or whatever – he finally gave me some light front end, consistently, and I gave him as much room in the bridle as I could possibly do w/o having an anxiety attack.

Always it boils down to, too much hand. I see it in my students and I see it in me. I’ve got to give him the support he needs but also the trust that he CAN and WILL balance if given the right ingredients.


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