tired of horse shopping online

Advice to you people who want to sell a horse….

1.) Get a decent photograph. You should take one from the side of the horse showing the WHOLE horse, especially a clear view of the legs and hooves. Please don’t put your horse in the grass or against a building the same color as the horse – or worse yet take a hip shot when you are trying to sell the horse as a dressage horse.

2.) If you are selling for dressage, get a video made. Dressage for you idiots marketing your horse for it when you know nothing about it, is based upon MOVEMENT. Without the correct movement, or the potential for good movement, your horse will not be bought for this sport.

3.) Respond promptly to an email inquiry and reference your ad or website in a link. Don’t bother responding to me 3 weeks later and ask me if I’m still interested. Don’t bother asking me a month later if I remember your horses’ name!  I’ve been looking and scouting for a horse for some time and there’s been a shitload of Bucky’s!

4.) Your comment “serious inquiries only” always makes me wonder if YOU are serious!? Please have photos and video ready, a list of basic information about your horse, and respond promptly to my email inquiry! Then I will take YOU and your thousands of dollar price “seriously.”

5.) Stop clicking on every damn sport for your horse! Your horse can’t do reining, barrels, endurance, dressage, HUS, eventing AND polo! Focus on the reality of what your horse would be good out and advertise appropriately so you get the RIGHT people looking at your horse!

And for the idiots who take the cake… DON’T show a photo of your horse – which you are selling as a dressage prospect – severely behind the bit. That does NOT impress me.

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