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Crooked vs. Straight

The concept from Crooked Horse, that I experimented with yesterday was moving my right shoulder back, bringing up the right rein and tapping the right shoulder with the whip. Continue reading

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TTouch – Clouded Leopard

That’s the first time I’ve done it where I’ve seen such a big response in such a short period of time. Continue reading

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too tight and overbent

He was wound up, behind the bit, just too overflexed and tight. Probably all my own fault. Continue reading

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Too much energy

Gawd! He was all over the place with way too much energy. Continue reading

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Rode Tee again in the new saddle. He was better then I was. I am really feeling the loss of muscle tone because of laying off my workouts these last five months. I’ve got to get back to a program!

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