horse buying trip update

In regards to the horse shopping trip, there were several disappointments. First, I didn’t feel Dear One’s spirit AT ALL during it – which I know I can get driven and focused on stuff, missing the subtle points of life, but she simply wasn’t there. Hmmmm

Next, none of the horses I felt anything towards. I felt numb inside and still unconnected.

Third, my money just isn’t going to go very far. You would think that $5,000 would buy you a lot but I’m not finding much.

After all that time, effort, driving, and money spent (let’s face it – a lot for pleasure such as books and horse goods), I am coming to the conclusion it would be best to wait until we get the house sold and get moved before buying another horse.

I need to enjoy my 1.5 horses for a while. I haven’t been down to this small a number of horses for 3 years. It would be nice to just spend time with one of my horses and not have to fret and worry about all the other crap I need to get done because of owning so many.

OTOH I just can’t seem to stop horse shopping. It’s like an obsession.

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