Big Guy’s Great Ride

Started the day really angry with Hubby. However, many good things happened which finally turned my mood – Riding T-man was the best because I have not had time to ride for 2 weeks. We were out of town the last two weekends and the weekdays have been crappy. All of that would be meaningless if I could ride him in the indoor but he has decided that panthers lurk behind the closed north door of the indoor (behind this door is an area where the tractor is stored so he hears it go by and decides that it is a oil-powered panther waiting to pass through a solid door to eat his ass).

Hubby did Reiki on T-man in the area that he showed he was sore during the massage/chiro work on Friday. He pulled out some sharp pain that actually hurt his own hand for a moment before he tossed it off. I’ve felt this power myself when he pulled out some longterm, unresolved pain the bottom of my foot. For whatever reason it does work.

Okay back to riding… I decided to try out another saddle on Tee. This was a saddle that I bought specifically for Beautiful Boy because he has a difficult back to fit and after blowing… er… spending money on this saddle, he threw me and then I gifted him back to his former owner. However, when the Master Saddler came out I did have him examine T-man’s back and he said that Boy and Tee weren’t all that different in terms of the shape of their back which gave me the idea today that I should try it on the Big Man.

I was also using my Balance Rein (TTeam) to ask for the downward transitions and to ask for half halts. While doing them I tried to stay up in the stirrups, and off his back, since this area was sore.

I don’t know if it was the saddle, the massage/chiro work, Hubby’s Reiki, having time off or what but he was really, really forward. Actually, it was more forward then I felt comfortable with! It felt like he really filled out the saddle and was more uphill (this being relative to what he can do and should not be compared to what a warmblood can do on an off day :P).This has been only the second ride since my fall off of Beautiful Boy and I can tell there is work for me to do too.

With the warm weather I decided to wash his tail with a product I picked up from my out-of-state trip that is supposed to whiten the tail – Champion Tails, Stain Remover, Silver Highlight. I think it actually a pretty good job! Some of this whitening products, like Cowboy Magic Yellow Out – does a great job but then leaves the tail extremely dry.

Then I conditioned it with Cholesteral which I buy from Wal-mart. I’ve found that it’s best to smear and then massage the cream into the wet tail and into the root. Then give it a slight rinse that doesn’t get it out but makes it lather more. Then massage again before rinsing it all out. Wow! his tail felt the best ever.

So the best was that I was able to just hang with my horse and not have to fret that I had other horses to do something with. My hard, cold anger melted away being with my horse. And THAT is what my horses are for – to come home a better person then when I left.

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