too tight and overbent

Rode T-man. He was wound up, behind the bit, just too overflexed and tight. Probably all my own fault.

Have been doing some shoulder-in on the circle and like all the collected work, it causes Tee to overbend. He needs more driving work on straightaways to get him to stretch out. I really need to remember that after every collection we return to relaxing and stretching.

Was very crooked on the straightaways – in the crossties he kept lifting his right hind and stretching it like he does.

The same problem occurs when he takes the canter. Canter work gets him to overbend and then he drops on the forehand. Felt rather tense and worried about the riding work tonight which I’m sure did not help. We did do some canter and I’m still having difficulty in trusting myself as I know he can be so difficult.

Could not get the left lead. ARGH.

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