Crooked vs. Straight

Rode T-man yesterday but didn’t have time to post. I’m working on some ideas presented in the Straightening the Crooked Horse Tee is definitely crooked – a right-handed horse. I’ll post pics to show what I mean.

Tee is changing and I think that is a good thing but I haven’t caught up with whatever these changes are! For example, I think he seems lighter and more willing to move forward – now I’m falling behind his movement expecting his old pace. This may be due to the different saddle that I am using or maybe the fact he is back on InflammaSaver and feels better.

The concept from Crooked Horse, that I experimented with yesterday was moving my right shoulder back, bringing up the right rein and tapping the right shoulder with the whip. The thought is to move him back off the right front leg that he is using and diagonally transfer the weight onto the left hind leg. 

He definitely gave me a different feeling as we worked through this exercise. However, I’m going to need a grounds person though to give me more feedback so I can be sure that we are moving (literally and figuratively) the direction I want to go: straight!

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