meeting Z

I took the weekend to go meet Little Girl and her owner MH. They were located about 12 hours away so it took a bit of time – getting kids off to grandparent in another city, and then meeting my brother 3 hours north of her home to spend one night etc… But that is not what the post is about – it’s about meeting Little Girl.

First, I wasn’t as worried or nervous as I was when meeting Filly IM. I figured it would either work out or not. I felt there was a high chance it would work out because I do like Appaloosa’s and had some long conversations with her owner, MH, via the phone about her dam and sire, as well as her near relations – full brother etc…

When we came up to meet them and my first experiences with her were pretty average. She was cute – but all babies are cute.

I had a chance to meet her sire, who is as gorgeous and talented as I was led to believe. He is also super gentle and I was impressed to hear that he goes out to play with his babies. Hubby told me that stallion thinks Little Girl is the smartest of his offspring. He is foundation bred Arab and Crabbett.

Little Girl’s mom is Appaloosa through Impressive (she is HYPP Neg) and Plaudit lines. Her coloring (Bay Roan Appaloosa) is very similar to Dear Ones but her whole body expression and conformation is not similar, so it didn’t hurt me.

We took some time to meet everyone, the soon to be mom’s and their offspring. I got to see a full brother to Little Girl so that gave me a better idea also of what she will potentially look like. Conformation wise, her mother is a bit longer backed then I would like, but she throws foals that are shorter backed and more like their sire. Little Girl’s color has changed a lot and I except she will continue to roan and probably look very much like her mother but more of a black then red mix.

The good news is that all of them have been handled and have been getting little lessons in how to be a working horse. All of them were good tempered, curious and in good physical condition.

As we wandered around a bit, Little Girl eventually showed back up. Hubby started rubbing her neck which she loved and that made me a little jealous. When he moved away, I came up to rub her and then I ended up giving her a really good butt rubbing which she really leaned into and enjoyed. I really had a feeling she had come to me deliberately and one thing I really liked was how she was at first guarded but then opened herself up to us.

The upshot is that I have decided to buy her. I was very excited and happy about that decision Saturday night, but then late Sunday started second-guessing myself and today I’m like WTF have I decided to do!?

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