Deposit sent for LG

I mailed the deposit and contracts for Little Girl today. Perhaps that is why I was so maudlin yesterday – crying over Dear One (again) and thinking I should have done something, changed something I did to save her.

I’ve also been getting the feeling that Some Do Not Approve of the idea of me buying a young horse. Well I’ve dealt with disapproval before and I’m no fainting violet but OTOH I guess I am a surprised by it. What is it to them anyway?

I did get this email from her owner:

 just wanted to brag on your filly. This morning the wind really kicked in..and blew a huge white plastic tarp onto my fence line from a pile of concrete bags my neighbor had on a pallet.

So I went to the back of the pasture, as it was hung up on my fence and waving in the wind. Guess who followed me back and “helped ” me remove it?  You got it!   She thought it was a great toy. 

I carried it back to the barn, and had it draped all over her. It was flapping on her legs, and trailing out behind her in the wind. She thought it was great fun, prompting the others to come up and inspect it.

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