A brief history of Big Guy

It was kinda a no-brainer that Beautiful Boy needed to go find another home. Then there is Pandora. Being a pony I just can’t let her go to any home as there is too much potential for abuse.

That leaves Big Guy, (aka  T-man). Here is a photo of how T-man came to me… severely underweight and malnourished…

Big Guy was bought to be leased by Student A and shown by Student B. It quickly became apparent that Student A and he were a total mismatch.

Student B then took over, working under an Instructor Friend. I turned my attention elsewhere. MISTAKE. One day I was watching her jump and he dodged out of two jumps. I checked him over, suspected something was wrong, and the next day he broke out with multiple Graveled Abscesses.

This horse had been jumped while in pain on on MY WATCH. Not acceptable. This is when I started suspecting that Tee was here to teach me a lesson. Of some sorts. Probably the cost of my own arrogance and false pride…

Next, I leased him to Student C. At this time T-man was very heavy on the forehand and I repeatedly warned student to not slam on the brakes. Things go along for about 3 months before she slams on the brakes, he goes down to his knees, she falls off.

I take T-man completely out of work for 90 days. Understand this was a horse bought as a lesson horse. He was to earn his keep. I was paying board for him and 3 other horses w/o any income. It was frustrating but I kept in mind the mistake I had made before and I committed myself to the long haul.

I start riding T-man myself. We worked on balance and rhythm. I learn a lot by riding him and understand him far better from the saddle. Meanwhile, I get his hocks x-rayed and find out more about his background.

During this time period the Instructor Friend who had been working with Student B stops by to see us. She is so jealous of what I’ve done to him – partly because she had wanted to buy him but did not have the funds at the time – that it becomes one of the cracks that destroy our friendship. Funny enough (if you are into that sort of twisted humor) she is the same “friend” who takes over my Barn Manager position when I am fired and told to vacate within 24 hours.

Student D takes over riding him. They seem to be a really good match. However, this relationship fades away too. Again I go back to riding him.

I’ve tried other times to find someone that suits the Big Guy. No one seems too. They either are afraid, intimidated, or just find him difficult. He is a Ride-Every-Stride horse for sure. He can be unpredictable and when in pain can react explosively but I don’t think ever with evil intentions. He has a big heart and gives a lot, always trying to figure out how to “be good.”

Back to my friends’ conversation. I told her I made a promise to Dear One that I would give T-man a home for life. She replied that maybe there would be someone out there that would be a better match and I’m holding on to him for all the wrong reasons… am I?

I don’t know. Tee and I work okay together. Was I destroying a better future for him by holding on to him? Would there be a person out there who would just fall for him hook-line-and-sinker? Am I preventing a brighter future with stupid sentimentality?

I honestly don’t know. I do know that many people cannot work with this horse. I don’t know why he and I seem to be able to do so. We are not a Cuddley-team with lots of smooches and long grooms. We seem to understand each other. He puts up with me and I put up with him.

Are we just two cranky people that need to grow old together? Or am I preventing him from finding True Love?

I just don’t know.

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3 Responses to A brief history of Big Guy

  1. Kate says:

    There’s no right or wrong answer to these things – but certain horses need special conditions, and people, to do OK – only you know what is best for each horse.

    • horseideology says:

      Kate – this is why I love keeping a blog/journal – I can look back and see things so differently.

      When this post was made, Dear One had only been dead for about six months

      I was still in a deep mourning, still woke up crying, when this friend (well meaning but not understanding the full picture), thought I “should” re-home T.

      In retrospect, with more time passed, I know that it’s right for him to stay with me. I also know that friends, though they want to help, don’t always understand what I need to do and that in reality, they have their own agenda.

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