Nice canter

Yesterday, I worked T-man in the indoor on the lunge using clicker training. Today, I had planned on riding but the whole day got fried and so ended up lunging him near the end of the day. Again this was with clicker training.

Tee just goes on overdrive and turns off his brain. Even though I click he doesn’t stop cantering. He’s just on Auto-Pilot. It drives me crazy but this is the horse he is. I’m trying to get him to start thinking by using the clicker but he just keeps on cantering and cantering and cantering — he’s the damn Energizer Bunny of the Canter World.

Overall, I’m pleased. I was really expecting him to be a bit more crazed but he was very calm and each canter depart was without the mad rushing, striking out, neck twisting crap he’s so fully capable of doing.

He was also very calm in crossties.

The weather has gone back to being cold but hopefully I can manage to get some sort of work in tomorrow.

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