Getting *L* down the hill

Well, *L* is going to be a bit of a challenge. I talked with a trainer who had some dealings with him and he said he “has his moments” and could use a chain. Before I could stop her, Stable Girl brought him out and he reared with her. I would prefer that he work with me or me and an assistant.

So this will be his routine for awhile. Day turnout. Night stalled. For turnout, first he gets 5-10 minutes in the indoor to run around and act like a maniac. Trust me he does – bucking and kicking, rearing and running. When he calms down and comes up to me, I put the Zephyr lead (Linda Tellington-Jones) on him and his regular lead rope attached to the opposite side cheek.

We work in Journey of the Homing Pigeon, which is a two person lead position. Experimenting with him today, IMO his horse is way too run you over, quick and in your space. So I’ll be doing more work using the Dingo as we go through poles and exercises. Dingo allows me more control over his speed.

We got him down the hill and he did fine through too eager and still not paying as much attention as I want to see. His companion *A* did much better and didn’t need turnout in the indoor before going down.

Update – just brought *L* up the hill and he was the perfect gentleman. Obviously, morning turnout is going to be a problem as he has built up too much stall bound energy.

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