Mixed Results

The last few days horses have been up which means T-man has been convenient for me to grab and work. What I’ve gotten has been mixed.

He is okay in the indoor arena as long as there are no other horses in the arena. When there are other horses he starts giving me fights on the lungeline. This all confuses me so I think I’ll talk to his former owner (two owners ago) and see what she makes of it. I know he was used at the state Ag school in their riding program and surely he was in indoor arenas (!!) there.

So I’ve been squeezing in some short workouts on the lunge, using clicker training. What I’m looking for is several things – a head down; a nose tipped to the inside of the circle; and a shifting back of his weight from the inside front leg to the diagonal hind leg (Straightening the Crooked Horse). Working him this way makes me (ironically) miss Beautiful Boy who would give featherlight dances of shoulder-in etc.. with a flick of a finger… of course he also shied at the flick of a finger.

Mostly, I just want him to get back into the routine of working and obeying me as he got really naughty and reared with me, Stableboy, and Hubby because of his separation anxiety and bonding with the mares. I had removed the mare he bonded with after Dear Ones’ death. I felt like a criminal because I like horses to have friends, but this had gotten way over the top. I put him between a gelding and another mare – which had lost her boy-toy companion. This calmed it down a bit though he has now bonded with the new mare it doesn’t seem (as of yet) so out of control.

Since we’ve been on a better routine these last few days he has also calmed down about coming up. Previously, he would start getting agitated about the other horses leaving and then become a maniac when it was his way up.

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