Big Guy’s melanomas

I had the owners’ vet out to do some dental checks and to clean sheaths. I have never seen this done because I’ve had mares before. It was much simpler then I thought it would be. Okay. I can do this.

When he did T-man, he asked me who owned the horse. I said I did. He said, “you know about the melanomas then?”


And that nothing can be done for them.


And that there are probably thousands of them on his anus and penis.

Well, I didn’t know thousands but I guess I will go with your word on it.

Nothing to be done.

Once again the shadows of the Angel of Death fan my cheek as it mocks my very existence.

Have I ever written that I hate Death? I hate Death. Hate Death. I hate how it shortens everything. Takes without asking. Gives nothing. Destroys all. Makes me worry and fret. Makes me realize what small creatures we truly are against the vastness of the Cosmos.

Well, we shall see what we shall see. Not a good thing to hear but then as Hubby┬á so cheerfully put it, we already knew about the melanomas and the vet’s comments change nothing. They are still there – same size, same place. One day they will get bigger or nastier but that isn’t today.

Appreciate it. Remember that Life is the Gift.

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