nearing D-day

Finally got a hold of Little Girl’s breeder (multiple emails and phone calls and no contact) which gives me some relief but new worry also.

Turns out little Little Girl has a puncture wound on her chest now and vet is coming out Thursday to work on it. She wants me to hand over my credit card number to the vet for the appt. and I have some difficulty with this. Primarily, I just can’t hand over my credit card number to someone for an unspecified vet bill amount.

I STILL don’t have a transport company name, date or financial amount. This again is disturbing because of the finances involved. Without knowing some sort of $$ amount I just can’t suddenly plop down $1,000 to move this horse. I have to get it worked into my budget.

Well, I won’t panic about it all. It can be worked out. I am excited to see her and want her home.

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