Nublada is here!

Nubalada’s Cure came today – it took a week UPS. I don’t know why anyone uses UPS. Fed Ex has always been cheaper for me – and cheapest is US Mail. UPS is also the slowest damn shipping co. in the world!

First impression – the tub is awfully damn small for a 4 month supply that cost me $179. Looking back on the website I see that they neglect to state their product weight. This tub is 4#.

Second impression – the tub was extremely hard to open. Ditto for Strongid tubs. Who do they think I am SuperGirl with fingers that can pry steel apart?

Third impression – it stinks. Smells like some sort of strong Chinese food. This may be difficult to get Hep to eat. I’ll have to get some sort of flavoring to be sure he DOES eat it.

Okay none of these impressions can stop it from working, so I deleted my previous “bad attitude about Melanomas” post because I want to approach this with positive energy.

It says to massage the area so I guess I’ll do raccoon TTouches (Linda Tellington-Jones).

Tomorrow starts Day One.

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