What a surprise!

Okay tonight, a boarder at the barn called to say she could meet tonight and since I was still at the barn I said yeah, come on down. We groomed our horses together, Hubby did Reiki on T-man’s melanomas and boarder’s horses; front foot that is weak.

Then we took them to the indoor – DURING THE RAINSTORM – and worked them TOGETHER – lunging them side by side. Remember this is the horse who 1.) HATES THE INDOOR. and 2.) HATES OTHER HORSES BEING WORKED WITH HIM IN THE INDOOR.

He did AWESOME!! It was pretty much incredible in my book.

We were working on bending the nose slightly to the inside of the circle to achieve the correct bend instead of leaning heavily on the forehead and charging around with his nose to the outside. Also, he gave me several head downs at trot (unheard of!). I was using a clicker to reinforce the desired behavior. He did beautifully! I couldn’t believe it after the fuck up of yesterday. Yeah, he did try to take off twice but very quickly re-settled – despite the 2nd horse in the arena.

At the end I asked DH if she would mind if we let the two go off free together – both of these horses are paddocked side by side so know each other over the fence. She agreed, so we took off their equipment and let them go. Both did tackless leads for awhile before they realized they were free and then Tee took off doing his I’m a Thoroughbred RaceHorse Gallop and R tried his I’m-A-Fancy-Pants-Arab. They both did excellent together!

Wow! I’m very, very impressed. Maybe there is some hope for us after all…

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