My ride today

30 minutes – nice weather. Some anxiety but not as much as yesterday or perhaps I was just more determined to ignore it all. Probably the last.

To sum it up —- Walk – Trot.

Approach corner – no bend, leaning on bit. Raise inner hand, use inside leg, step into the outside Bubbling Spring to correct lack of bend.

On straightaway, goes behind the bit and on the forehand. Use the Balance Rein for a half-halt (as he leans harder on the bit when you use the bridle for half-halt) and then push forward.

Each time – what about every three strides? bring him back from rushing with a half-halt.

Overall though not a bad ride despite everything. This week we’ll keep to 30 minutes, and I’ll increase to 40 next week and then 50 etc… Hopefully, by next week I can start adding in canter. He’s still sweating a lot due to winter hair so still need to give time for cooldown.

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