Homemade hoof oil

One thing I like about my own mix is that it doesn’t use tar or other petrol chemicals which my old Horse Trainer in college made so it doesn’t smell like grease that’s been in the car for about 6 months or something you would fill up a road pothole.

Also, I like it because it is a bit thick and goopy so when I put it one it STICKS and doesn’t just slip off like water. The smell is delicious; I just want to rub it all over me.

First, I start with a 2/3rds of Linseed Oil (bought at the paint area of your home improvement store) to about 1/3rd Aloe Vera Gel (bought at the local Health Food store). Then I add these Essential Oils: Camphor, Wintergreen, Arnica, and White Willow.

Smells great, goes on great, and so far I’ve liked the results. Oh well that will prove to me that fancy packaging and advertising doesn’t always mean a good product.

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