Piss and Vinegar

Strangely after a very quite time in the crossties, under saddle T-man proved to be full of piss and vinegar tonight. As soon as I got on and did walking I knew he was feeling a bit ornery – choppy short stride in front. When I asked for trot he gave me a beautiful canter. Humph.

So probably I should have ridden it out but discretion is the better part of valor with him – we did a bunch of walking – some great shoulder in but since he didn’t settled, and I knew a huge change in weather was coming in, I worked from the ground.

We trotted/cantered on the lunge where he decided to explode. Once he calmed down a bit, I removed the saddle, and continued to do some in-hand work. He gave me an AWESOME canter – nice and collected, round, not overbent. Exceptional. The best work we’ve done in-hand ever.

Got a bath tonight with Massage Shampoo scrubbed in with my Cactus Mitt.

Hopefully, tomorrow we can try another ride.

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