Barn Design: 3 stalls and 2 paddocks

This is the setup we used at a self-care horse board facility. The run-in shed was designed with three stalls, front feeding access and separate paddock areas. the many gates allowed the separation of horses for easier feeding. At the time we had four horses.

I was pretty happy with this configuration at a previous boarding facility – we built a 12×36 loafing shed with 3: 12×12 units, each opening to a different area. This allowed me to feed 3 horses w/o sharing.

Red lines are gates – 4″ and a large one for a tractor.

Green lines are stall openings.

Black lines are solid full walls – or between stalls could be half walls or moveable fence panels.

What I liked about this was I had 3 horses and a pony that all needed different grain rations/supplements. All three stalls had their own gates so actually I had 6 places for horses to go – pasture, one of 3 stalls, and one of 2 paddocks.

I found the configuration very flexible and workable for me.  It also allowed me to open gates to allow pastured horses to access shelter.

Be sure to look under Barn Design for a lot more ideas….

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