I had put down on my original Wish List that I wanted room and area to put together a TTeam Playground of obstacles. This is especially important as it is how I’m going to begin Little Girl’s education.

  • Labyrinth – 6 poles
  • Additional pattern poles – i.e. Zig Zag, L-shape, Star, and additional configurations – 12 (would set up two 6 pole patterns)
  • Cavelleti with stands – 6-8 poles (I’ve got 6 caveletti now)
  • Teeter  Totter w. fulcrum pole – can be converted to platform with 8 cinder blocks (all these items I now have)
  • Barrels – 6 (saw a Craigslist posting yesterday with some for sale; will check it out Monday)
  • Tractor Tires – 2 (I think I can find these suckers used and free; just got to do some checking around)

Other ideas: natural log jump; simple low jump with standards; and with railroad ties make a small ditch since this area is on a slope.

The poles are the hardest to find. If I want them out of wood, to get a 10′ length I have to buy a 4x4x10 and then round the corners off which gets quite expensive. People have suggested using PVC poles and I could but a.) you can’t paint them (bummer), and b.) in the UV they eventually become brittle and can break upon impact.

The question for me as I’m working on the acreage is how big an area do I need to put out a good obstacle course? I want it enclosed so I can do liberty work with the horse and to keep the obstacles from getting torn up by grazing horses. This way I can also keep it mowed down a bit better then the larger field.

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