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Off Center

I guess your heart has to fall before it can get back up. I’m doing some serious free falliing. Continue reading

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Training with Grooming

One of the things I need to impress here about what I did – I did not punish her for her for expressing her feelings. She was allowed to run, rear, snort, blow or whatever as long as she did not enter my zone. Continue reading

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Little Girls’ training schedule

I’m about to get serious here. It’s time for this little girl to start her education. 1.) Handling her head. She’s doesn’t give it very easily and because her poor nose got a concrete mud pack it’s been a bit ouchy. … Continue reading

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Concrete Nose

Hubby started setting fenceposts for the paddock the weekend I was gone to Camp. The way he sets the concrete is that he makes the hole, puts in some gravel, puts it the post, levels it and then pours in dry … Continue reading

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fence contact

Last night Little Girl was full of piss and vinegar – racing and bucking to show off to us. However, during one of her moments she realized – almost too late – that she had been enclosed. After following me … Continue reading

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