fence contact

Last night Little Girl was full of piss and vinegar – racing and bucking to show off to us. However, during one of her moments she realized – almost too late – that she had been enclosed.

After following me to the side gate where I put the chainsaw outside for packing into the car, she took off running full speed back towards the new fence. I think the wood fence provided a very solid barrier so she angled away from it and headed towards the short 20 ft. of wire fence that ends Pandora’s paddock.

Hubby and I both shouted at her to whoa/stop/NOOOOO!! at the same time and she realized she had really screwed herself – and went into a sliding stop – where she hit the wire fence and literally – in slow mo – bounced off of it backwards.

WHEW! Disaster averted.

However, I definitely won’t be putting her in there at night until she fully realizes the boundaries and respects them.

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