Concrete Nose

Hubby started setting fenceposts for the paddock the weekend I was gone to Camp. The way he sets the concrete is that he makes the hole, puts in some gravel, puts it the post, levels it and then pours in dry concrete. The surronding soil has enough moisture that it will become solid within about 24 hours. When I came back from Camp, he told me that Little Girl was very interested in what he was doing and was “helpful.”

When I got out there I noticed that she had some sort of gray coating all over her nose. She wouldn’t let me touch it until a few days later and I noticed it was then flaking off.

I gave her some creme for the nose but it wasn’t until a few days later that I had the AHA! moment that she must have gotten her face into Hubby’s fence post holes!

The concrete is all gone but her poor nose is rather pink and raw in places.

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