Training with Grooming

I do have a lot going on that I want to post about but I don’t want to innudate you readers.

Today, I braved the heat and went out to see what I could accomplish with Little Girl.  I’m not that keen on “this is what I did today with my little horsie” posts that don’t really seem to go anywhere but here is mine anyway. I hope it gives a better idea of how I’m going to approach the work with this Little Girl.

I brought along a currycomb (Unigroom brand) I like this as it has more “finger-like” nibble feel. It can simulate a horse grooming another horse more then a regular curry can. I choose the kind that have more flex in the fingers, not as hard as the original Grooma ones are.

When I entered the training paddock, Pandora greeted me. I first used my Unigroom on her withers and gave her good litlte horsie greeting. She did her Aardvark nose and thanked me.

Little Girl was hanging nearby so I got a tackless lead and took her into the training area. Don’t be deceived into thinking that this was because she saw me as some sort of Alpha. This tackless lead was generated by curiousity and wanting to be in the training paddock where her friend Pandora was. But I take it all in as it’s building a foundation I want – being with the human is fun.

Inside the training paddock, w/o a halter or lead rope, I gave her a little horsie to horsie groom which she really loved. It’s really too bad I didn’t have video because it was extremely funny to watch. I also picked up all four of her feet and handled them briefly. This was all done w/o a halter and really I’m not sure if I would recommend doing this to a beginner + green horse though a beginner with an experienced horse should try it.

After that I gave her a mental break and let her hang with Pandora. At one point, she decided she was going to be Pandora’s alpha and started pushing her around. She chased her over to me, and I blocked Little Girl with my body, separating her from Pandora. Pandora was behind me, along wth the only two horse gates. I claimed this area with my energy and pushed Little Girl away using some body language and stomps.

What is interesting to note here is that Pandora watched all of this unfold but she never left the protective circle I made for her, and neither did she get excited by Little girl’s excited prancing, rearing and bucking energy. She’s one clever and wise Primal Pony.

Because the training paddock is narrow, I blocked Little Girl from coming to our end – she couldn’t hang with her horsie friend, work out her aggression on a lower ranking horse, and neither could she leave. There was much bucking, a few rears, some head tossing. What I found very fascinating about her bucking is that when she was close to me she moderated how far she would strike out (though trust me! I kept myself out of range) and when she was further away was quite expressive about her feelings!

One of the things I need to impress here about what I did – I did not punish her for her for expressing her feelings. She was allowed to run, rear, snort, blow or whatever as long as she did not enter my zone. She really gave me such a beautiful show and one day I want to see that under saddle – all proud fire – under my direction of course!

Since getting a sore nose (concrete adventure) she has been naughty about being haltered. That was this lesson. Occasionally, she would turn towards me and try to re-neogtiate. I’d approach her with the halter, put the lead rope around her neck and she would move off. I just moved with her letting the rope stay on her. If it slid off that was okay too. We did that about 10 times or so.

You could tell when she decided, okay halter me. Which I did. Flysprayed her and took her out to her pal, T-man. I kept her haltered when she rejoined him and waited a few more moments before releasing.

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