Yesterday, I did remember the cookies NOM NOM NOM and used some for clicker training Pandora onto the raised platform. It’s not that she is a bother to trailer load but let her work for it 😀

Which was only a problem because I hadn’t brought any! Instead I just walked her over the platform two times and rewarded her with a scratch and release from work. Apparently that really wasn’t enough…

After haltering her, I was going to work the platform too as we have two weeks before moving date. Pandora followed us over to the platform.

Girl put a hoof up. Pandora put a hoof up. Little Girl put another hoof on. So did Pandora. At this point both of them are standing diagonally to the platform in the exact same pose, however, it wasn’t conducive to walking straight onto the platform. Then at the same time they both lifted up their right forefoot and pawed the platform! It was a bit of a giggles moment.

After going around and around trying to fend off a pony who just wanted to be the first one on the platform FOREVER because she knew I secretly MUST HAVE a COOKIE, I did get Little Girl across once. That was good enough for me.

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