Good day… with horses

Had a great time with the horses today, primarily Mr. Tee. I finally had some real time to do HORSE THINGS and not Construction Things or Make Things or Errand Things.  Although Hubby did work on getting my caveletti reassembled and I walked the field to determine where I’m going to set up my dressage arena.

I got Tee thoroughly groomed. That makes me very happy and content inside. He was shedding off a lot of hair. I was again further AMAZED and in AWE of how much he enjoyed being groomed! Wow! This makes me happy because there is nothing that I enjoy more then grooming my horse and I could not share that with him because he was always in so much pain and discomfort.

Today, he stood there pouting out his upper lip, leaning into me and actually seemed to purr when having his whole withers and shoulders curried and curried.


I trimmed his bridle path, and did R for DH too as she was there. Tee’s tail has gotten all matted and tangled underneath because I have not been able to wash it. He has very dry hair that mats easily. I had time to get that untangled, washed with Cowboy Magic’s Yellow Out (sorry he’s a gelding with a white tail which makes this a neverending battle) and then conditioned with cholesterol.

Took him and Little Girl over to the big field to play for a while. He went to the end of the 6 acres, hid behind the pile of tree rubbish, and rolled thinking I would not see him. HMMMMM….

Update on Nubladas Cure: One of his melanomas under his tail burst open, seeping out fluid with a hole about the size of a pencil eraser. Seems to have stopped seeping now and is starting to close. Some of the other tail melanomas have some grayish colored spots and a few seem softer to me. Nothing else has opened. Melanomas on the penis area seem the same to us.

Foot issues: the whatever-it-is on his coronet band seems the worst I’ve seen it. I need to get Dr. Cowgirl out to see if she can figure out what we can do – if anything – for it. I think he will need to be sedated for us to remove the scabs, scrub and disinfect. This is something I am not looking forward too.

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