First blanketing for fall rain

Typical. Fall arrived with a sudden drop of 15-20 degrees, and hard, cold rain. Jolly.

Decided to blanket T-man with his raincoat (light coat that I use as an outer shell, during winter I layer blankets under). He has a thin skin and often gets the shivers if out in this type of rain. When I got there both horses were out in the rain and cold, ignoring their shelter… of course. It’s only us humans who want them to curl up in their shelters when this type of weather hit.

Here I am trying to flip the blanket over him, with the wind blowing up his tail, so it’s flipping the blanket over his and my head. Meanwhile, Little Girl is right behind me trying to figure out what I’m doing with that big blue flapping thing.

After I got it on, Tee took off running to see if he could shake it off. Think he would know better. Then he had to roll to see if it would come off. Little Girl decided to race around with him.

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