Precious Day

The storm blew through overnight and instead of staying today we had a Perfect Day – light breeze, cool and sunny. WONDERFUL!!

Just groomed T-man. You all are probably tired of reading about it, but I am still amazed at his completely changed attitude to grooming. He loved his curry and then Hubby used my small wheel to give him some rubbings on his butt. From doing his treat stretches I know he has gotten stiff again and probably needs a chiro appt scheduled again.

The melanomas under his tail continue to soften and it’s obvious he is rubbing his tail. Hubby also gave him a Reiki session. I love to do that for Big Guy to show him how special he is to me.

Took Girl out for some TTeam work. First I groomed her at the rack, encouraging her to stand still. Then we went to the wash rack area and just entered it and left several times. On leading we did Journey of the Homing Pigeon with Hubby assisting. Already seeing some good work there with shorter response time to halts and not so much pushing into my zone.

Then with me alone, using the Zephyr Lead and Elegant Elephant over the poles. It’s time to get more poles out there and make this more complex.

She is way too oversensitive to having her back legs handled. I am concerned I might get kicked it is so extreme. So have resorted to using a method I had read in Dorrance’s True Horsemanship Through Feel, which uses a leadrope around the pastern to get the horse to release to the feel. I’m reinforcing with a clicker as I need her to fast track this learning as I need her safe for my trimmer and we are due next week.

We also took THE DOG out to meet the horses and the BO’s dogs. I won’t take THE DOG with me very often but I do know she loves being able to romp at the farms I’ve kept the horses out. I could never take her to where I worked because the BO’s did not want dogs on the property. It always saddened me as she is close to me and likes to be with me while I do things and was used to me being home during the day.

After the incident with Little Girl stomping the dog at HH, I was concerned about how she would react to a dog. It was important to me that she ignore the dogs and not present them with a threat as one day she will live at my own place and there will be dogs.

It was interesting to watch her with THE DOG, however, I kept a close watch on it. Little Girl might have been more rambunctious with THE DOG thinking THE DOG could play like another horse… but THE DOGS’ a low-rider Corgi and can’t get away, though she is pretty good at dodging and doubling back.

Overall, the day went well, and even the BO’s dogs, though completely confused as to THE DOG’s appearance, finally settled. Ah I wish all week would be like this…

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