Some horsie time

I took T-man over to the Roundpen to continue his half-halt ground training. I started with using the whip to give signals but halfway through, he was doing so well, decided to see if he could listen to voice and hand gestures. He actually did pretty good! I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve been meaning to get some video to show what we are doing because it would probably make a lot more sense… or maybe not! 😀

Little Girl is a bit more of a handful. I am still having issues with her giving me her left hind leg. She is so sensitive she just starts striking out wildly and leaning crookedly! I have never been afraid of being kicked … until now! I am seriously thinking that I might need to sack her out on that leg before I try to go further. I’ll have to think on that one.

We took her down the lane using Journey of the Homing Pigeon and she did the best yet! More responsive to being in the right place – behind me and off to the side, as well as listening to the whoa command.

Very happy with them both.

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