Working T and Z (little girl)

Had a chance to work the horses yesterday but no time to post about it.

Big Guy – did so great. I have been separating him and Little Girl and that has caused concern for the horse left behind. When I took him over to the dressage areana I could see the wheels in his head turning. I had saddled him with the intent of lunging and continuing to work on our Whoa-Go half halt from the ground.

What I noticed is I naturally started him on a counter-clockwise circle because I’m standing on the left and that is how I strand the lunge line through the bit, over the poll and attach to the off bit size. Hmmm. He at first went into his Robotic-Hunter-Lesson horse crap but after a few minutes remember he was supposed to be paying attention to me and not zoning out. AHA!

When I put him on a clockwise circle that is where he always starts to get worked up – going faster, heavier, and kicking out with his hind legs. What I am so proud of is that after only two circles he was back to do his Whoa-Go game. Wow! That was great Big Guy.

By the time I got him back to the tack room there wasn’t a lot of daylight left. But I did get Little Girl out and we did Clicker Training to enter the wash rack. Now I also turn on the sprayer and spray the ground. Last time I had her touch the sprayer with her nose to get a Click and as soon as I started working her again she remember! She is as smart as a whip.

We went over to work the Labyrinth (TTeam) and I started her on the command to move away from pressure on her hip.

She’s sooooo smart and not afraid of a damn thing. She loves people too.

When we got done and they were let back to their field, T-man decided he needed to leave Dodge quick before I decided I could do something else. Little Girl cantered right behind. They are so funny together; they make me smile.

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