Wildly Funny Horses

When we were out Saturday with the horses, the other boarder showed up. She wanted to take her Arab gelding into the big pasture behind the parking and I suggested we release all the horses together. They have shared fences and Pandora (pony) has been with him too.

So first we let out the Arab, then I brought Big Guy and Little Girl over who pranced around and was saying Hello. Pandora was last and she was dragging me ready to race after those horses! She absolutely LOVES running with the big horses. She likes to lead the Pony Parade – is in front and has all the gang following her. It’s her “thang” and though only 39″ tall does it very well.

After entering the gate I took her purple mini-halter off and she bolted like a shot – tail flagged up 12″ in the air, and her nose parallel to the ground. She got them all stirred up and they took off, Pandora off in front. I wish I had video of it all because it was terribly adorable but my camera doesn’t take long distance shots well.

When they turned, she lost her group which went the wrong direction, so she did a rollback, caught up with them and then was back in front. This is when you can really see T-man’s beauty. He gets that long slow gallop of a Thoroughbred and of course never trips when he doesn’t have a rider on his back (rolls eyes). LIttle Girl was traveling way too close to Pandora (she likes to attach herself to pony’s hip during these runs).

Tee had to Make Absolutely Sure that the other gelding knew that these two were HIS. There was a bit of chasing, and biting (that didn’t make contact) and herding Zee and Pandora off from the Other Guy.

Always a joy to watch them. Silly horses…

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