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training with leading and walks

So here we are with quacking and flapping ducks running one way, five horses galloping another way and a potbellied pig who has come over to the fence oinking. Continue reading

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Another blanketing adventure

Today approaching the warm 70s during the trim work for all the horses. By the time I walked out the door at 5 p.m to do some evening Christmas shopping, it had dropped at least 30 degrees in the last … Continue reading

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Leave a man behind!

Out to the barn today to fix a gate. Apparently (I didn’t see the incident) husband was coming through a gate, tripped and decided to roll before getting up from his fall. Immediate response from the three horses that had … Continue reading

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Barn Management: Colic – what to do

Okay you have observed some funky behavior from your horse: aggressive rolling (such as rolling when you are trying to lead him); biting his sides, pawing, dull eye seems unfocused, pale gums, horse is not grazing when hay or grass … Continue reading

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Barn Management: Possible Causes of Colic

I thought it would be a good time to think about health issues, specifically colic. As a horse owner or horse lover you will hear a lot about it but what is it, how to prevent it, what causes it … Continue reading

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