Capture the Castle

Yesterday, my plans were to go out and blanket horses. When we exited the gym and I saw the huge dark blue gray clouds in the north, I decided I needed to do it now.

While we were coming down the drive, I visually checked on the horses. Big Guy and Little Girl were both in the same shelter, eating hay. Pandora was outside of the shelter, staring at them. There are two shelters but the other one is in the other block of pasture with an adjoining gate that I’ve left open at this point.

After Tee and Girl got blanketed, Girl decided that she had been tricked and did not need a blanket. So she went zooming around the pasture on the end where our car was parked and Pandora’s former dry lot paddock is (and it’s gate is open). The game they like to play is race around, trying to do a slide avoidance of fence at the last minute, run full canter into the dry lot paddock, do a tight circle and run out again. If one is in the dry lot paddock, the other runs the fenceline of it, trying to see if they can do sliding stop-tight turns in each corner.

Needless, to say, I climbed back into the warm car to avoid hard pellets of snow to watch and make sure no one killed themselves.

All of this goes on for about 10 minutes. Pandora who is just trying to eat some grass, is body slammed a few times by Girl, however, eventually Pandora is left to herself. She looks up. She looks down to the shelter. THERE IS NO ONE IN THE SHELTER!! She takes off at a dead run (and watching a round furball of a Shetland pony gallop is the most adorable thing ever!). She enters shelter and promptly grabs a mouthful of hay, turns to face out and munches.

In a few heartbeats, Little Girl looks up. She looks down the pasture. OH NAO!!! SHE BE STEALING THE FORT!!!  She takes off at a dead run, forgetting she is wearing an orange panther she can’t seem to buck off. She sounds the battle cry.

Tee wheels in a tight corner of the dry lot paddock, and takes off out of it in his slow, groundeating canter. TO THE FORT!!!

Pandora is evicted and Big Horses reign triumphant.

Pandora goes off to second shelter and eats hay.

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