Another blanketing adventure

Today approaching the warm 70s during the trim work for all the horses.

By the time I walked out the door at 5 p.m to do some evening Christmas shopping, it had dropped at least 30 degrees in the last 4 hours. It’s supposed to be 38 degrees by 9 p.m. and 9 degrees by morning.

Went out, called horses, ran to me (cookies!), haltered, and got Little Girl blanketed first. This is the first time she has her underblanket on and it has to go over her head. Took it like a charm. Got her top coat on.

Moved to Big Guy and got him done. Looks like his underblanket has really shrunk. ugh. Need to get to a seamstress and get the front cut opened and replaced with chest buckles.

Pandora has a new little “hut” (which I’ll take a photo of) but as far as I can tell won’t use it if she is out with the Big Horses, though it will be good when she is drylotted.

Everyone went running, bucking and playing after I got them done. Pandora had to lead with a Pony Parade and when Little Girl bucked, Pandora bucked.

T-man did a little foreleg play and bucked once or twice but was way tired before the girls and had to stand around looking superior. The Big Guy sure has mellowed this last year.

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