training with leading and walks

Beautiful day today – in the 70’s if you can friggin’ believe it! Because Hubby is taking the week off, I’m going to try to get out as much as possible to work her on lifting her hind feet. This is really a two-person job because I need someone to hold her still while I work on de-sensitizing the hind feet, especially her left.

After that bit of work, I refreshed her about coming into the wash rack area. Then we headed out and did some TTeam work over poles. That definitely got her mind better focused on me. Together, we took her down the lane in the TTeam Journey of the Homing Pigeon which I’m liking this leading position better and better in terms of what it obtains from the horse.

Halfway down the lane we had some adventure: at the area with the yard full of ducks, potbellied pigs and a goat, the group of mustangs (BO’s horses) decided to take off in a wild herd frenzy. So here we are with quacking and flapping ducks running one way, five horses galloping another way and a potbellied pig who has come over to the fence oinking. My dog is standing in the road when the other boarder’s car starts coming down the lane.

I think Hubby was frozen in panic but I wasn’t too worried. She’ll face worse at a show or hacking out and the reality is that she is a solid-minded girl who doesn’t panic. She stayed where she was, behind me, though alert.

As we turned and came back, once again I noticed how much the exercise had relaxed her. Her head dropped, she was licking and chewing and her eye had softened.

She’s doing great.

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