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Big Guy’s fractured pelvis

Would this benefit the horse? No. in Lameness, the warning of more damage in doing radiographs is cited more then once… Continue reading

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Pony’s Capriole

While waiting we watched the horses and saw Pandora do the most amazing thing! Continue reading

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Herding (Leading from Behind)

This week I saw a dog show where a Blue Heeler had become fixated on his humans feet in order to herd them; clearly he had gained power over the people in his life. However, rather then being cute, this fixation quickly escaluated to aggressive encounters. Continue reading

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Path of the Horse – Klaus Hempfling

As the broadcast started, I felt a tingling sensation in my brain. Emily Dickinson is contributed with this quote: If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry. Continue reading

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Big Guy hanging on

I’m keeping positive. I know he will be a Miracle Horse. He’s got the best care in all areas – best vet, best care, best personality to manage this, and best support system. Continue reading

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Companion Walking

I think the key component in the training and bond building between you and your horse has to be time spent doing nothing. Horses live on a different plane of time then we do. We have to bring ourselves into their world. Continue reading

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Taking Territory & Leading from Behind

I’ve already described Taking Territory. We did this again and I could already notice a difference. She was far more in tune to where I was moving around her. Continue reading

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