Chasing the Tiger

I found this video by accident doing some research on YouTube last night:

Check out their website for more info and a great forum…

I could so totally see Pandora (pony) loving this and really getting into it! LOL! She has already been taught to follow a target through Clicker Training but this would give her more freedom to express herself while also giving her a job.

I’m also thinking this may be a good game for Little Girl as she could also express herself without the damage to growth plates that some work would do at this young age (2).  I also don’t want to work her on a circle for the same reason of damaging her legs through a repetitive motion that stresses them. However, this type of game would also be the beginning of teaching her to respond to my own body signals.

However, Little Girl is still learning boundaries so this game needs to wait until she understands my Me-Space. Pandora OTOH knows all sorts of hand signals and commands for stopping, moving, coming to me, and when the game starts and stops.

With Big Guy it could help break him out of his closed-down behavior and help him express himself in a safe way.

Read through this message thread before attempting this game… This game is for an experienced horse person with a good handle on the horse she would be working with.

It got me to thinking upon how, through the course of our traditional training, we suppress the horses’ natural joy of movement in order to obtain the desired result of responding to human driven commands or even due to our fear. Then we later lament how the horse isn’t giving us the energy level, fire and beauty that we want.

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