Introducing Tiger to Pony

With the unseasonally warm weather, I thought today would be a great day to try the Tiger game with Pandora. Hubby shortened a lunge whip and attached, with a clip, a strip of painters’ drop cloth for my “Tiger.”

When I got to the barn, Pandora was the first who spotted me (typical). She took off at a gallop and cantered a full two acres to come to the end fence and gate where I was just getting into the tack room.

For her effort, I gave her two cookies through the fence. Feeding through the fence is going to be a new rule: cookies only through the fence unless we are doing Clicker Training. I’ve decided this because the horses are crowding me when I enter, looking for treats and that needs to stop right now.

When I opened the gate, she backed up and respected my entrance, probably because the big horses had still not noticed my presence. Without tack, she followed me into her dry lot paddock, and I left the gate open since the other horses were quite a distance away and not interested in us.

Pandora had been taught to touch a target and to follow it, as well as touching it when it was at her hip so we started with what she was familiar with – touching a target she knew.

Once she was targeting consistently, I introduced the Tiger. Just like I expected, she had no fear of it at all – even when it unexpectedly touched her head and ears! When we started stalking (following the Tiger slowly) whenever I stopped it she moved back with a slight startle and was, at first, hesitant to really touch it when it was moving.

One thing I instantly liked about the new Tiger Tool is that I can hold the target quite a distance from me but still have control of it’s movement. This really helps me with Pandora as she likes to keep too close to me – some thought process that if she moves away she Might Miss Her Treat!

With the Tiger I can move her several yards away from my side, giving even more safety when she starts her chase.

It was fun and just the beginning….

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