Pocket Ponies have no boundaries

Note: CRIC stands for Carolyn Resnick Inner Circle, a program she is offering (for monetary compensation) to provide Internet coaching and which I am currently enrolled.

While I discuss Carolyns’ methods (”Waterhole Rituals’) I am expressing only my opinion to materials – DVD’s, online YouTube videos, her public blog etc… and my impressions of it, as well as how I use it with my own horses, as a review. I am not trained or endorsed by Carolyn Resnick.


Whenever the weather is good I’ve continued to do Carolyn Resnicks’ Waterhold Ritual One (Sharing Territory). I am also doing Ritual Two (Saying Hello) to Big Guy (coming straight up, greeting with an outstretched hand, and then leaving).

Going out to be near where Big Guy is grazing, Little Girl follows me the entire 4 acres. I set up the chair and sit down. She comes over, and drops her head in my lap. I pet her a little bit until it gets too be too obnoxious and then ask her to leave.

She circles away, I sit down, she comes back and decides to nuzzle my sneaker (she has a tennis shoe fetish thing going). I push her away with my whip, she trots a space or two, I sit down, and she comes back.

Don’t even think that being sent away is going to stop this “pocket pony” from leaving me! This went on for an hour. I Kid-You-Not.

It all became a farce, and was rather laughable. I think you need a sense of humor if you are going to train horses.

When people tell me things like, “oh I have the cutest little Pocket Pony. Completely untrained but will follow you anywhere…” I know they have a horse that has completely no respect for boundaries.

Or the line “my horse is just like a big dog. Hahah!” My first thought is always, “a horse is not a dog, and even if they were a dog, I wouldn’t want them acting that way.”

My dog knows she can come up on the couch when invited. She knows that she eats after we eat. Now the cats are a completely different story…

What I’m also noticing is that Little Girl is becoming very possessive of me and wanting to make sure the other two – Pandora and Big Guy – don’t come over to where I am. So that means that if I’m going to entice Big Guy over, I will most likely need to shut her out in the opposite pasture paddock.

Seeing her pin and chase pony away (because pony was thinking of coming up to me) while I was walking back to the gate, I also thought this was a horse who could become quite “marish” and cranky minded if I didn’t watch my training. The dominance can be two sides of a coin.

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