Big Guy’s illness

Friday when the Big Guy came up lame I didn’t think much about it. He has lameness issues, usually hock related, that can make his life difficult but we cope with them. By Monday though it was obvious this was something a bit more serious.

The BO’s vet was out Monday and upon doing a pelvic examination found a mass that she diagnosed as a hematoma she believed was due to a melanoma that had metastized into a vein or artery. This sounded pretty scary especially when I was told it could bleed out and he could die (if it had reached this point it was over).

Today my own vet, Dr. Cowgirl, was able to come out and do an examination. She had discussed the case with an Internal Medicine Equine Vet from another city who routinely does surgery. Between the two of them this is what they believe:

That Big Guy has a hairline fracture on his pelvis. The point of trauma caused a hematoma to occur, most likely on a vein than an artery because the later would have bled out.

Neither of them recommended an x-ray (which would have resulted in a trailer trip to a clinic, being put under, having his legs spread apart and him waking up to struggle to his feet). Both felt an x-ray would put him under too much chance that the crack could widen and become even more serious.

Both of them felt it would be best to do an ultrasound in about two more weeks. This would give the hematoma time to heal. Being invasive around it at this time might break it open.

I am to keep him on stall rest (this will go on for a long time in this type of injury), supplement with Calcium, and start to reduce the Bute if we can. I’m going to stick with Bute until Sunday and then try to go every other day. By that time I should have the InflammaSaver and I can switch to that.

It’s been a very scary 48 hours and I’m pretty zonked!

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