Bone Builder

I’ve placed an order for SuperBones for Big Guy. It’s a Calcium-Phosphorus supplement to support bones and healing his pelvis fracture.

Uckele offers a lot of horse supplements but what is unique about them over other companies is that you can often find one-ingredient supplements or get a custom mix made. I’ve found them to be excellent if you have a hard-to-find supplement, mineral or vitamin you need. With my mare’s metabolism problem, it was crucial to get all her mix exactly right.

Right now they have a special – 50 percent off shipping which saved me $7. Use this code UBOP09 before Feb. 28, 2009 for the savings.

I also placed an order for InflammaSaver as I want to get him off Bute as soon as I can (safely). Unlike aspirin or Bute (which are NSAIDs), InflammaSaver can be used for long term use.

I guess I’m lucky today is payday 😦

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