Big Guy hanging on

Big Guy is holding on with his cracked pelvis. He is moving less in his stall which I think means more pain but hopefully this means in the long run he is healing well (less movement = less chance of more breakage).

He’s on bute every other day now. Waiting to see if he can manage the pain as we wean him off of it. Yesterday he started double dosages of InflammaSaver and his Calcium supplement came in yesterday so he will start that today too. I’ve added some alfalfa to his diet as it has high calcium and being organic will probably be better metabolized – as well as just being yummy!

Hubby has been meeting me at lunch to give him Reiki. I think hubby had a revelation last weekend. When he got injured himself and tried to pull the pain he gave himself more pain! I have tried to describe to  him how painful it is when he pulls it out with his energy – of course afterwards it feels great! But the process itself can be even more painful then the traumatized area!

Big Guy has another week before the ultrasound.

I’m keeping positive. I know he will be a Miracle Horse. He’s got the best care in all areas – best vet, best care, best personality to manage this, and best support system.

OTOH some strange place I’m at peace with whatever happens. I realize that I am not a superhuman who can prevent death. Sometimes things happen and we have to work our ways through it. We can be accepting but also positive. A strange place to be.

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