Path of the Horse – Klaus Hempfling

A big thank you to  Anna Twinney, host, and Stormy May, filmmaker for  The Path of the Horse Teleseminar series. Unfortunately, I missed the Carolyn Resnick broadcast, but will be buying it on MP3. Today’s broadcast was Klaus Hempfling.

My first introduction to Klaus was through his book Dancing with Horses. I felt I was reading something mystical and wonderful – but whose full meaning could not be digested in one reading.

As the broadcast started, I felt a tingling sensation in my brain. Emily Dickinson is contributed with this quote: If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

These feelings were not due to hero worship – I don’t do that. However, I think it was due to hearing a message that I agree with wholeheartedly and also know is so true: Horses are our Spiritual Mirror and as Klaus discussed our Destiny.

Here are some of my impressions and thoughts of the podcast. My notes are mostly paraphrased since the conversation was often long and varied; items in italic mark my own thoughts about Klaus’ words. Here we go:

From the beginning we have accompanied each other. Without the horse we could not become who we are today.

When you look at wild animals, they are happy being without humans. Horses not. The deeper I went to the world of horses (wild) there seeming, looking like they are missing something. If you look to our forefathers, they say the same.

Those wild horses (Spain) … we always cut the mane as a sign that they are now with humans. This was interesting as I once told someone who asked why I did Big Guy’s mane even though I did not show was to show he was mine and a civilized beast. Not really meaningful to the horse, but interesting to me.

The job of the humans is to make the horses more happy then they would be alone.

Stormy: is it also necessary somehow for humans to have horses to be happy?

Being with Horses is a Decision. For not being alone, for Social Contact, economical interests, prestige use… is one level or being with the horse to understand your complete being – an entire picture of yourself is a second level.

It’s very important (to realize) that when we are looking at the world we are looking through glasses that are colored – the job of the horses is to remove the glasses and say here this is reality. The idea of the horses is to give you an authentic view – of your life – your relationships – your own authenticity.

This was very spooky to me – very serendipitous to what I believe and have seen play out when teaching lessons; who was successful with their horse and who was not. See blog post: removing the personal and Forget the Horse

If you are not ready – then you will close up. There is no question. This is natural. You will say no, this is something I don’t want anything to do with. I am not ready. This is the reason, our forefathers said, you have to have a certain rightness from the very start… If you are not inside the right questions, the right mind…(you cannot succeed).

Twinney: So what you are saying is when you are ready the Master will come? You are saying the Horses are the Master who will come?

Humans have free choice… for example, I have the chance of finding a partner in life who would accent my negative aspects. We end up having fights and jealousy…however he can turn this into another side – we all have two sides – when he sees this himself and turns it, then he will find the partner who supports him. Then his happiness will increase.

Seven to eight horse people have exactly the horse that will provoke the negative part. Even if they like each other, or the person loves the horse, you will find difficulty.

If you are learning to listen to destiny you will find your life easier. What was difficulties becomes adventures… you will enjoy.

Another very spooky moment as I follow The Tao because I feel that if we go with the natural flow of chi – and of Nature – then our life becomes easier. It’s when we fight ourselves, that problems become insurmountable.

The first step is to realize is that everything is okay. That it is now. Everything is fine and now.

Here Klaus discussed “mindfulness” (he used the terms “being present”), which I think is also a key reason why some horse trainers seem to have a mystical union withe horse they are working: total focus and concentration are upon the horse until the two minds are almost blended in a timeless capsule.

A beautiful passage about how, when we look to reality, a horse organically finds the person he needs. The horse that is a mismatch moves onto the person he needs; the horse we need comes into our life.

Again when you work with the way of the universe, and stop fighting yourself, the stars align – our relationships and happiness improves. Those we need in our life materialize – an interesting parallel is a chapter in Carolyn Resnick’s book Naked Liberty on the chapter of training a team of horses to drive.

A passage of people who drive cars without manuals or knowing how to drive as a parable to people who have emotions of being scared, fear, jealous, impatient etc… without being aware. Realize as all the things the car has to drive with (i.e. horn, steering, brakes, etc…) are as essential as our own emotions.

These things (i.e. perhaps what we view as negative emotions) are not made inside of ourselves to harm or to give us pain – at certain times I need these things during the moment of when you need it.

The horses will always push the right button in us (i.e. emotion) – there is no question that horses are dangerous.

If these emotions are there in an UNCONSCIOUS way… then I would not be able to do the work I do with these Borderline horses. This is about becoming present of reality.

Without this experience (experiencing the feelings of fear etc…) we can’t live in the Reality. Look at reality without any judgment. I try to receive what is there, and to give an authentic answer. I try not to judge.

The Horses represent Destiny – and Destiny knows where our pain is and what to do. Then the next step is how to overcome it – to feel the needs – when you feel and live in the here and now you will immediately trust yourself more. You are there.

When we are open then we can really feel the horse. Then we realize that the horse has the same pain, the same heartbeat… that we do… Now we are sharing… even though I have taken no step towards the horse.

When I can find a way out of my pressure, by relaxing, by seeing the reality, by trust, then I can share this with the horse. First you overcome yourself… then Wow… then where there was pain there is relaxation; where the heart was beating too fast, now it is calm – and this is what we are transmitting to the horse.

The entrance is not really the horse, it’s meeting yourself – meeting your child – meeting your lost part – then the miracle, the horse comes. The Life will meet you – the horse will meet you. The Manual of Life is given by the horses.

This simplicity coming from authenticity is … coming and right for now – allowing yourself to take it away without judgment, you are freeing the energy inside of yourself.

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2 Responses to Path of the Horse – Klaus Hempfling

  1. Hi

    I’m writing as the producer of the Teleseminar Series and would like to thank you for your support.

    It’s always tricky when one is so close to a project to really appreciate the effect that it is having, so I am glad that you are not only enjoying the series but taking so much from it.

    Best wishes


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