Pony’s Capriole

Yesterday we were sitting in the car along the lane, heater full blast, to warm up before leaving. While waiting we watched the horses and saw Pandora do the most amazing thing!

First she rolled around in the dirt where the tractor had put in the new electric and water lines. I guess she heard the BO’s say they needed that compacted… 🙂 She rolled vigourously and all the way from side to side (some horses can’t and to me this shows their inflexibility and perhaps even soreness).

When she got up she shook and then cantered around in a circle flipping her mane and having a good time.

At a stand still, she exploded into a rear that took her straight up from the ground about four feet! (she is only 39″ tall to the withers). While paused mid-air, she did the most amazing kick with her back feet!! A capriole! An Airs Above the Ground!

Pony did this but much much better!

Pony did this but much much better!

We were awestruck, amazed and laughing so hard! Unfortunately, we did not have the camera… Pint sized, powerhouse, War Pony!

See the Chronicle of the Horse for more photos and info about the Airs Above the Ground…

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