Big Guy’s fractured pelvis

We are iced in here. I spent the day doing some research on Big Guy’s pelvis fracture….

From my book Lameness

“Because of the difficulties in radiographing the pelvis, and the risks associated with anesthetizing the horse to confirm the diagnosis, the veterinanrian may just assume the that the pelvis is fractured from the history and the signs.” p. 906

Basically this is what my vet is doing; however, Barn Vet wanted to do x-rays. Would this have benefitted the horse? No. in Lameness, the warning of more damage in doing radiographs is cited more then once…

“A definite diagnosis usually requires radiographs, although good radiographs of the pelvis are usually only possible after the horse is anesthetized. However, this procedure can create more problems if the horse further displaces the fracture as it gets up after anesthesia. For this reason, the veterinarian usually assumes that the pelvis is fractured based on the signs.” page 907

If the hip joint is damaged, euthansia will need to be considered. I will discuss the possiblity of the hip joint being involved when I see the vet next week. At this point, from a layman’s POV I would say no, because he completely moves the leg, even bringing it out sideways and extending it for stretching. However, I would like Dr. Cowgirls’ opinion about this so I can put my mind at ease.

Confirms 3-4 months or longer rest in stall with possibly even another 3 months in a small paddock. I am thinking next month I will need to invest in some fence panels and erect a small a paddock about his shelter so he can have stall rest when needed but also a confined space for a little walking and stretching.

Overall, it sounds like if this is a pelvic fracture there is a good degree of success in healing.

A Modern Horse Herbal by Hilary Page Self, confirms that Alfalfa and Kelp would be good additions for a horse healing bone (p. 102). I’ve already started him on Alfalfa as I know it has a lot of calcium; the kelp I have here at home too. He’s also on a calcium supplement now.

I will look to add buckwheat to help the the hemorrhaged area (p. 28 ) but I don’t know that I will be able to find it though in the herbal stage and it’s unclear to me if the flour source would be as helpful.

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