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Bone Builder

I’ve placed an order for SuperBones for Big Guy. It’s a Calcium-Phosphorus supplement to support bones and healing his pelvis fracture. Uckele offers a lot of horse supplements but what is unique about them over other companies is that you … Continue reading

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Big Guy’s illness

That Big Guy has a hairline fracture on his pelvis. The point of trauma caused a hematoma to occur, most likely on a vein than an artery because the later would have bled out. Continue reading

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The medical situation with Big Guy has gotten far more serious, to the point that it could become critical. I had the BO’s┬ávet out this morning and my regular vet, Dr. Cowgirl, is coming out tomorrow to do a further … Continue reading

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Pocket Ponies have no boundaries

When people tell me things like, “oh I have the cutest little Pocket Pony. Completely untrained but will follow you anywhere…” I know they have a horse that has completely no respect for boundaries. Continue reading

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Teaching a pushy horse distance (claiming territory)

I can do all the “right’ moves – using energy, using voice, body posture, arms etc.. (have even tried waving my coat) and this filly DOES NOT BUDGE. She just looks at me like, “I know you don’t really want me to leave you, ever, and ever and ever!” Continue reading

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Waterhole Ritual One ~ Sharing Territory

Sharing Territory is going to be a long term project that I will continue to do even after I get the result I want (horses approaching me and noticing me politely). Continue reading

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Introducing Tiger to Pony

One thing I instantly liked about the new Tiger Tool is that I can hold the target quite a distance from me but still have control of it’s movement. This really helps me with Pandora as she likes to keep too close to me… Continue reading

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