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silly horse

While I clean Big Guy’s stall, hubby gives him lots of nice scratches. This time around Big Guy used his nose to massage my back while he got his scratches. He has a powerful nose…When he gets excited about something … Continue reading

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Lesson #7 – best ride yet!

Rode Rock bareback at a walk! AWESOME! I don’t think I’ve ridden bareback since I was like 12 or something like that. Continue reading

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Pandora wants her own pony

Pandora has had decided opinions in the past. Actually, I wasn’t sure she would tell him anything. She can be a bit contrary and really doesn’t like people telling her things. Continue reading

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My Man-Eating Mare of Diomedes

After working a bit on legs, I figured I best revert back to owning the food with Taking Territory. There was much drama about – snorting, huffing, running and bucking. Continue reading

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Powertool Pony

When we were working on the fence, once again Pandora showed her fascination with power tools. Continue reading

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