Gentle ways are slow ways

It’s embarrassing when the ‘trainers’ horses have misbehaved. I want them all to be perfect little children that make momma proud. Instead they are climbing on top of people’s furniture in a wild game of shoot out while momma tries to have a cup of tea with her friends…

Humph….I realized this last week that the Gentle Way is the Slow Way. It’s why other methods which get quick results (i.e. roundpen) are far more popular.

It’s why though when you’re asked “what are you doing with your horses?” it’s probably takes as long to explain as it would be to wait for snow in July.

Let’s see what I’m doing with my horses (short version):

Trying to get one well (back to stall cleaning, bucket cleaning, supplements and medication);

Lots of Companion Walking with Pony with some clicker training on refining “stuff” …

Teaching Little Girl that she can’t kick me in the face…

Oh well… like a turtle we will continue to creep along. Let’s hope the maxim of “anything worth doing is worth doing well” and all that pays off with huge dividends in the end. Or momma might need to visit friends without the kids for awhile…

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